The maximum loan is $1,000. Most loans will be for $500.

To be considered for a SEDISEF loan, a student must be:

• a citizen or resident of a country other than Australia, and

• enrolled in a University, TAFE college or secondary school course, on a full-time basis, in the state of Victoria, Australia in the current year.

The trustees will consider the range of information in the loan application in their assessment of loan eligibility, particularly details of the student’s income, expenses, and parental assistance.

The principal purpose of a loan is to assist an international student who has encountered a financial emergency, or a short-term financial crisis.

Loans will be considered for:

• General living costs

• Rent or Bond

• Text books

• Clothing

• Medical or Dental costs (not covered by the Overseas Health Cover)

• Dependent expenses

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A short-term loan may be granted because some expenses are currently unaffordable by the student because of a delay in receiving funds from a student’s family, or a scholarship.

However, it is not possible to receive a loan for:

• Course Fees

• Cars

• Travel or holiday costs

• Luxury items

It is assumed that students have investigated what financial assistance may be available from their educational institution before applying for a SEDISEF loan.

Download the Information sheet ( PDF | 43KB). You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the document.


To be considered for a SEDISEF loan, an application must be completed and signed, including comments (on page 1) by a loans officer, international student adviser, or counsellor at the educational institution.

It is also essential for a copy of the student’s:

• student identification card,

• Passport, and

• Visa

to be attached to the application.

The application must be sent to:

Geoff Adams
SEDISEF Executive Officer
9 Morgan Court
MOE VIC 3825

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A copy of the application is available from the Executive Officer by email at [email protected]

Or download the application form ( PDF | 42KB). You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the document.

Note: An application will not be considered if it does not include written comments by a loans officer, international student adviser, or counsellor at the student’s educational institution.


The maximum repayment period for a loan is 6 months.

All loans must be repaid before completion of the current course and before the student returns to their home country.

If a student cancels their enrolment in their current course, the loan is repayable within 14 days.

Prompt repayment of a loan is requested, as SEDISEF is a recycling fund. More students can be assisted if loan repayments are received by the agreed due dates.

To repay a loan, a cheque or money order, payable to SEDISEF, should be sent to:
Mr Geoff Adams
Executive Officer – SEDISEF
9 Morgan Court
MOE VIC 3825

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